Couchsurf goals

Last october ‘18 a real special lady from San Diego, couchsurfed at my house for three nights. 

We spent almost every day together and felt as if we were friends for a long time. The morning that Nancy left we said, “it would be really cool if we will see each other again and do a trip together”.  We both agreed and I said “but it will be ‘really’ cool, if we just do it!”

And so we did.

So I took the plane to Los Angeles (LAX) and after 10,5 hours I stood in a row for the esta-check (visa) for a very véééry long time. I took the bus to downtown LA and after an hour I arrived. They said that I needed to pay at the station down the stairs but I couldn’t find it and this was my first badass-action of the journey (saved me 7 dollars, yolo).

I bought a train ticket to San Diego were Nancy would pick me up.

The first things that I recognized about ‘the United States of America’ was, how kind and polite (most) people are, how many homeless people I see on the streets and how difficult it is to find a normal restaurant or shop were I could buy ‘healthy’ food. Thats why I went to Subway and I asked for less sauce  ( they put literally a ESPRESSO-cup of mayonnaise on your sandwich). I don’t know why I measure it with coffee. Maybe.. I miss a good (strong) cup of coffee.

So after 3 hours I arrived (half dead/half asleep), at the station.  And there she was, Nancy Ross with her favorite ice-cream in her hand for me.

I was blessed. We got in the car, drove to her house and after meeting her two roommates Paul and Carlos, I went to bed. Finally.


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